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It's official! I am going to film a two-girl-movie with my sweet girlfriend Vitress (also a transgirl) this week. I am so nervous! I've only done a trans on trans video once before and it was pretty disastrous LOL

Should I get a Piercing?
07/12/2023 12:01am
Not sure if it'll make me look sexier or trashy? Or sexy-trashy? LOL! What do you think? A belly buttom piercing, I mean, not something on my face.

Failed Nanny Job!
06/11/2023 02:58pm
Well, this did not go too well! I had an interview for a job as a nanny today, since to be honest, I don't make too much money from my website. So I went to the interview and they asked me if I had experience, and I told them about my little sibblings, how I have helped my mom take care of them all along, etc. Then they asked me what I currently do for a living. I got a little nervous and had no idea what to answer so I blurted out that I do modeling. -What kind of modeling? (the mom got really suspicious) -A little bit of everything. -Adult? -A little bit end of the interview :(

Traveling to Japan
04/03/2023 12:01am
I am getting my passport this week to go to Japan for a short season. I want to take some art classes in Tokyo, hoping I can find a roommate, I've heard that apartments in Japan are really expensive!

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